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Why She Sucks

"S-W-A-G, swag."

Kali is a law student turned comedian turned princess turned ogre.

Although she is so, so, so young, Kali has already won many awards for her illustrious career, including Tri-County Spelling Bee Champion, Best Rack of 8th Grade Class, and Most Likely to Get Punched in the Face.

She believes that talking in third person makes her sound important. Kali currently lives in an egregiously big mansion with her filthy rich husband. 

(Editor’s Note: Do not include last sentence until 2024.)

Kali Tripodis - The Second City

Kali Tripodis (ENSEMBLE) is a comedy writer and performer from the drug-infested wilds of Florida. After studying improv and doing stand-up all over New York City, she moved to Los...

FSU law student pursues career in stand-up comedy

Wind the clocks back to September 2014. It's open mic night at Club Downunder. No more than ten people performed, and among them were those who hit the stage on a friendly dare. Yet, one performer stands out from the rest-not only does she appear to have a routine, but she performs it twice, getting a good reception both times.