Dec 3, 2013

That One Time I Did Stand-Up

Ugh. Babe. You have every right to hate me. Ever since this blog launched into the interwebz, I haven't updated. I'm so sorry. But babe, babe, don't walk away babe just hear me out BABE WAIT - In the heat of law school exams, I haven't had sufficient time for a solid post. Hell, I didn't even have sufficient time to go home for Thanksgiving. But I still feel I have a duty to entertain you guys, even though my creativity has been stifled by an attack of outlines and supplements and notecards and dropping "sufficient" and "duty" in casual conversation. God, what have I become.

So here—to fill the void, here's that one time I was the only girl at a sketchy open mic in Tampa. Don't expect anything... less than GREATNESS! Kali that was really stupid plz don't quit ur day job n go back to studying okay okay FINE bye miss you guys.