Steve Buscemi-ing Is The Newest Craze And It’s Killing Teens

Local youths are no longer dabbing, and have now moved on to the latest craze, Steve Buscemi-ing.

“Buscemi-ing? Ha, man. It’s like, hard to explain,” said 17-year-old Chadthony Daniels. “It’s like, when a girl is sucking you off, you know? [Daniels raised his hand for a high-five. We refused.] Then when you’re about to, like, you know, be done, she opens her eyes real wide and you pull it out and finish on her eyeballs.” Apparently, doing so will make the recipient’s eyes look like those of American actor and film director, Steve Buscemi.

Kali LIVE! On Ice!

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Katy Perry Thinks We're Going to Die: Analyzing "Chained to the Rhythm"

Are we crazy?
Okay, so right off the top, Katy wants you to know this is a social commentary. The first line in the song is “Are we crazy?” And by asking if “we” are crazy, she is commenting on society as a whole, as opposed to asking “Are you crazy?” which would sound accusatory, or “Am I crazy?” which studies have shown is the most commonly unanswered text sent from me to my ex-boyfriend. Seriously, guys, am I?!