Kali LIVE! On Ice!

THANK YOU to everyone who came, including: my friends, family, cousins, friends' Bumble dates, coworkers, coworkers' friends, coworkers' friends' Bumble dates. I love you guys.

Katy Perry Thinks We're Going to Die: Analyzing "Chained to the Rhythm"

Are we crazy?
Okay, so right off the top, Katy wants you to know this is a social commentary. The first line in the song is “Are we crazy?” And by asking if “we” are crazy, she is commenting on society as a whole, as opposed to asking “Are you crazy?” which would sound accusatory, or “Am I crazy?” which studies have shown is the most commonly unanswered text sent from me to my ex-boyfriend. Seriously, guys, am I?!

Send This To Your Grandparents!

URGENT: I have solved all of our nation's problems. Election Day is tomorrow, so please forward this to all your older relatives who plan on voting for Trump. Awesome. Love you.